Learn Word Families to Boost Vocabulary


It is important to know word families for standardized tests like TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and Eiken. However, word families are not only important for those tests; they give you the ability to choose a different form of a word you know that is similar to a word you are trying to remember but cannot.

In yesterday’s post I said that you should learn vocabulary you are interested in. I think everybody reading this is interested in studying English so let’s use some language about English as an example:

verbal (adjective) – “Don’t just write English, be verbal. You need to speak, too.”
verbally (adverb) – “He is good at communicating verbally but his writing is unclear.”
verbalise/verbalize (verb) – “Babies try to verbalise different things, often unsuccessfully.”
verbalisation/verbalization (noun) – “Verbalisation has been a problem for me while trying to use my second language.”

Why not add these to your word cards?