I know that I haven’t put up a podcast in a while; I am working on something that I hope is really cool.

In the meantime, here is an interesting podcast for intermediate speakers and higher.

I particularly recommend it for TOEFL or IELTS students but anybody who likes philosophy or thoughts about life should find it interesting.

Philosophy Bites – website.

The Digest: 5th October 2014

the digest

Here are some posts you may have missed this week on Get Great English.

On Monday I kicked off the week by showing you the difference between done and got done.

I followed it up with a post on Tuesday about talking about the paranormal.

This week’s podcast was about vowel pronunciation.

On Friday I talked about studying better by setting targets in self study.

Set Targets For Self Study


A lot of language learners sit down with their books, MP3 player, dictionary and notebooks in a quiet place to study hard. This is good but is it really effective? Do you know what you want to learn? Studying with the target of ‘getting better at English’ isn’t going to help you as much as a specific target. In this post I’ll help you to set targets for self study.

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Podcast: Things Left Unsaid


Today’s podcast is about things left unsaid, reading between the lines and ellipsis when you are listening and talking with people in English.

Things Left Unsaid – 17th September 2014

The podcast is also available in the iTunes Store by searching for Get Great English or clicking here.

Also, you can stream it on Stitcher here or in the sidebar.