How to Buy Train Tickets


Buying train tickets seems difficult but can be very easy. Sometimes using ticket machines is very easy but sometimes you need to speak to railway staff. Here are some easy words and phrases to help you buy train tickets.

Some useful vocabulary to know:

‘single’ (British) or ‘one-way’ (American): travel from your start point to your end point.
‘return’ (British) or ’round trip’ (American): travel from your start point to your end point and back again.
‘destination’: end point.
‘arrive’: get to the destination.
‘depart’: leave the start point.

Some useful sentences and questions:


How much is a single to Brighton, please?

It costs twenty two pounds eighty.

What time does the train depart from this station?

It departs at ten o’clock.

I’d like two singles to Brighton, please.

That’s forty five pounds sixty, please.


How much is a round-trip ticket to Boston, please?

It costs thirty five dollars twenty five.

When does the train arrive in Boston?

It arrives at eleven twenty-six.

I’d like a round-trip ticket to Boston, please.

That’ll be seventy dollars fifty, please.