Confusing Vocabulary Explained


These are some words that students often find confusing. I hope this post helps you to tell the difference. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment.

Hard / Hardly

Hard (adverb)Describes a high level of effort.

She studies hard all the time. She reads, writes,speaks and listens to English for five hours a day.

Hardly (adverb)Describes a low frequency or low level.

He hardly studies at all. Look at his notebook! He’s hardly written anything.

Complex / Complicated

ComplexDescribes a system that is difficult to understand or a thing that is very detailed and difficult to copy or understand the way of making it.

The Tokyo transport system is complex. You should pick up a map before you visit and find the stations you need to go to.

ComplicatedDescribes an action, thing or situation that is difficult to understand because it has many parts or steps.

Getting to my office is complicated. You have to take a few turns and cross three footbridges. I’ll meet you at the station.