Did you use to do it, or are you used to it?


‘Used to’ is quite easy to make mistakes with. There are two completely different meanings for this phrase.

  1. used to: This is used when an action occurred often in the past but does not occur now.

    I used to drink and smoke but I have a healthy lifestyle now.

    In questions, it changes to ‘use to’.

    Did you use to have a black and white television, Gran?

  2. be used to: This is used when you have become familiar or accustomed to something, usually (but not always) an action.

    I’m used to reading and listening to English because I read Get Great English every day and download the podcast every week.

    It is often used as ‘get used to’ to indicate a change has occured.

    Marc’s voice was difficult to understand at first but I got used to him speaking with that accent.

    In questions, the verb is still ‘used’ but the subject comes after the ‘be’ verb.

    Are you used to living in London, yet?