The Ultimate Study Kits


Students tend to spend a lot of money on equipment for studying English. In this post I have listed some of the best kits available for you.

  • The Cheap Kit
  • This consists of:

    • a pencil or pen,
    • a piece of paper,
    • something to read or listen to,
    • which could be a free magazine, newspaper or an advert, or even a conversation you can hear.

  • The bookworm’s kit
  • This is simple:

    • a pencil or erasable pen,
    • Post-It notes,
    • and

    • an English book, either one you own or from a library.

  • The vocabulary kit
  • You should get:

    • something to read or listen to,
    • a pen or pencil,
    • word cards,
    • an English dictionary (not bilingual),
    • and maybe

    • a notebook,
    • and

    • headphones
    • if you are studying listening in public.

  • The millionaire’s kit
  • It would be nice, and even useful to have:

    • A computer,
    • an MP3 player or smartphone,
    • an electronic dictionary,
    • a grammar reference book,
    • a style guide,
    • a thesaurus,
    • noise-cancelling headphones,
    • private English lessons,
    • a ticket to an English-speaking country,
    • and

    • cable television with English movie channels and English drama channels

As you can see, the first three kits are simple things you already have at home. Materials to study from can cost a lot but if you have a library near you that has English books then you can study for free. This is to show that there is a lot of nice stuff that you can buy to help you study but you do not need to buy a lot of things to study English.