Getting Better and Worse at English


Which of the words in bold mean ‘get better’, ‘go up’, ‘at the top level’, ‘stopped changing’, ‘get worse’ and ‘go down’?

Everyone wants to improve their English. They’d like to increase their vocabulary and develop their fluency. Not only that, they’d also like to build upon their existing grammar knowledge. They think about new goals to help them focus on getting better at English.

As their English ability grows they want their command of less common vocabulary to expand and their accuracy to reach dizzying heights.

When their English level seems to have peaked, what it is actually doing is hitting a plateau. It stops improving but does not depreciate. However, motivation falls and, in turn, the amount of study time also drops. When the study time decreases too much, it becomes more difficult to recall everything learned before. At this time, the motivation has bottomed out; it cannot decrease further and guilt starts to trigger a desire to study again and their motivation to study English appears to be working its way back up.