Something to Remember about Mistakes


You will definitely make mistakes when learning a language and you will definitely learn from mistakes. Keep them in mind but don’t worry about them.

I make huge mistakes in Japanese. I have told stories about worms entering my body in an uncomfortable place when I wanted to talk about worms getting inside holes in my shoes. I told this story to my boss who was equally disgusted and worried.

I have been quite rude, without wanting to be, to people like bank managers and shop clerks. I have been red faced and regretful hours after conversations many times.

However, nobody has ever died because of a mistake I made when speaking. I am not important enough. I like you because you read my website but you are not important enough to cause a disaster by making a mistake in English.

Have a cup of tea, sit down, smile and keep going.

Michael Jordan has lost basketball games. Thomas Edison had to try making light bulbs 10,000 times. When discovering radium, Marie Curie gave herself cancer. You are doing nothing as dangerous. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and even fail sometimes.