Talk Correctly About What You Like


It is quite common to hear people make mistakes when talking about things they like. Here’s a guide to talk correctly about what you like.

Plural and Singular

“I like chickens” and “I like chicken” mean two different things.

I like chickens” means ‘I think chickens are nice animals to look at.’

I like chicken” means ‘I think chicken is tasty.’

It is the same for a lot of animals but not many people will be confused about cats. Horse meat and dog is eaten in some countries, though.

Definite and Indefinite Articles

Simple ‘a’ and ‘the’ mistakes can be difficult to understand.

I like a book” sounds strange. We need more information. Which book do you like?

I like the book” might be a mistake. Do both of us know which book you like? Or are you talking about “The Book” meaning The Bible?

Further Confusing Examples

“I like Queen.”

You like classic rock.

“I like The Queen.”

Which one? Queen Elizabeth II? Queen Sirikit?

“I like Queens.”

You like an area of New York City.

“I like lion.”

You think lions are tasty animals. This is a strange food.

“I like a lion.”

There is one lion you think is great. This is an unusual thing to say.

“I like lions.”

You think lions are great.

“I like the lion.”

Which one? Do I know this lion? Were we talking about a lion just now?

“I like the Lions.”

You like a sports team called the Lions, maybe the Detroit Lions or the Seibu Lions. Perhaps there is a band called the Lions