Talk About Feeling Ill

red cross

Today I am ill so today’s post is a bit late. I also realised that I have never put up a post about feeling ill, only how to say what’s wrong. Let’s take some paracetamol (a kind of medicine) and lie on the sofa with our duvet and feel sorry for ourselves.

Different ways to say ‘ill’

feel under the weather (idiom; verb phrase)

“Don’t worry about me, I just feel a bit under the weather.”

sick (adjective)

“I feel sick. Excuse me, please.”

nausea (noun), nauseous (adjective)

“I suddenly feel nauseous, a little sick and irritable. It’s strange, I never suffer from nausea.”

come down with (verb phrase)

“I have a runny nose and a headache. I hope I’m not coming down with a cold.”

crook (Australian; adjective)

“You look pale. Go home if you feel crook.”