“I Can’t Speak English.” Yes, you can!


Lots of students tell me “I can’t speak English.” 90% of the time it is not true.

What they really mean is “I don’t speak English well so I don’t want to speak English.

Here are a few tips to help you speak more.

Easy English

Don’t use ‘difficult’ English. Keep your sentences easy and use memorised phrases. When you feel happy that you can do this well, try longer sentences and questions.

Mistakes Help You To Learn

When you make a mistake, your teacher will show you the correct way to say what you said. If you need time to write it, ask your teacher. Learning from your own mistakes is a great way to learn.

Other Students

Some students are great at speaking English. Sometimes they are fantastic. If you are not fantastic you feel bad. Please don’t!

Everybody starts by being a beginner. Those fantastic students might leave your class for the next level soon. Don’t worry about them, think about yourself. You could ask them this question:

“How do you study outside the class?”

Use and Practise English

You might forget what you learned if you don’t practice it. Read your notes, read your textbook or make word cards. If you go to classes, please, go there and stop worrying about other students.