An Idea About Vocabulary Notes

Write a diary

Here is an idea about taking vocabulary notes. I am taking notes like this to study Japanese and I think it might be useful to some of you who read this blog.

Split up your page

You need to divide your page into three parts: two columns at the top and a wide row at the bottom.

  1. The left column is for new words in context (copying the new words in sentences from where you found them).
  2. The right column is for writing the new words in simple sentences for easy practice.
  3. The row at the bottom is for synthesis (making something new using the new words you have learnt).

Why should I try it? It looks complicated

It does look a bit complicated but you get to actually use the stuff you are learning in an easy way.

  1. The first stage, using the left column, is just a reminder of where you took the new vocabulary from. You might want to write in a dictionary definition (try to write an easy English definition if possible but pictures are fine too).
  2. The next stage is writing an easy sentence to practice the vocabulary. (You can check this by typing the sentence into Google Search within quotation marks (type everything using “” to surround it all) to check it’s correct. The more direct results you get, the more likely you are to be correct.
  3. The final stage is putting everything (or as much as you can) together to make something new. This could be a diary entry, a dialogue, a story or even a set of instructions.

The reasons for this are that you practise higher level skills from Bloom’s Taxonomy with each step.


Click the image to see it larger (in a new tab/window).


I hope this can help you as much as it has helped me.