Use ‘There’ to Talk About Things in a Place

There are some helpful tips...

This post is for beginners to use ‘there’ to talk about things in places.

You can say “In my room I have a desk, a bed and a bookshelf.” but it isn’t always the most natural way to say it. Instead it’s more natural to say:

There is a desk, a bed and a bookshelf in my room.


Just remember ‘is’ for one thing and things you can’t count, and ‘a/an’ or ‘the’ if you can count it; ‘are’ is for more than one of the same thing.

There is a football stadium in Sunderland.

There is Wi-Fi in the cafe.

There is no ice rink in the city.

There are lots of restaurants in Tokyo.

There are no pandas at the zoo.


Is there a cafe in the shopping centre?

Are there any cinemas in your town?

How many pubs are there in Sunderland?