You Need To Talk, You Know!


In today’s post we’re going to look at the filler ‘you know’.

You can use it at the start or the end of a sentence.

You know it sounds persuasive.

If you use ‘you know’ to start a sentence it can sound very persuasive. This is because it seems the sentence is common knowledge or common sense.

You know, you should study for a little while every day.

You know, I need some help in here.

It builds a relationship, you know.

If you use ‘you know’ at the end of a sentence it can appear friendly.

It’s easy to do it if you relax, you know.

I love that new song, you know.

You need to be careful about sounding bossy, you know.

If you use you know with a hard voice, it can sound too pushy.

You have to do this now, you know!