Say Something


When you are talking and can’t find the words you need, you need something. I’m going to tell you how ‘something’ can help you when you can’t remember vocabulary.

‘Something like this!’

There you are, talking in a really fun conversation and then it gets a little bit serious. You want to continue but you need to use a word you know in your first language but not in English. What do you do?

  1. Slow down.
  2. Relax and say, “I’m talking about something like this.”

  3. Think about how to explain what you mean in really easy words.
  4. Give an example. Maybe something like: “People’s thoughts about how their country is. For example, should we pay taxes? Should rich people help poor people.”

  5. Get the person to help you.
  6. Ask for help, in a way like: “Do you know what I mean?”

  7. Listen for the word you need.
  8. The person you’re talking to will probably tell you the word you need. Write it down if you can. Following the examples above, the probable reply would be “You mean politics.”

This should help you a lot. It’s an easy way for you to build your vocabulary and stretch your conversation skills. Let me know in the comments how well it works for you.