Stun People By Exaggerating


When you speak sometimes you need to say exactly what you mean but at other times you need to make an impact. When you need to be dramatic, exaggerate.

Exaggerating is impossible!

No, exaggerating is easy! You might need a couple of idioms and some situations but you’ll be fine.


If you are in pain or aching you might use the term ‘killing me‘.

“I’ve been shopping all day and my feet are killing me!”


In hot weather you may say:

“I’m roasting.”

“Yeah, it’s boiling hot today.”

When it’s cold you might complain:

“I’m freezing to death.”

It’s natural to use this situations that are not life threatening.


If you are happy you may say you are ‘over the moon‘.

“I passed my driving test! I’m over the moon!”