Are You Into English?


It is easy to talk about likes and dislikes in English: “I like this” and “I don’t like that” are OK. Sometimes you want to say something a little different and ‘love’ and ‘hate’ are not what you were thinking about.


There are some interesting ways to talk about things you like.

  • enjoy
  • You can use ‘enjoy’ with ‘-ing’ or nouns. You can enjoy activities, food and drink and abstract things (freedom, education). You can not enjoy people or animals unless you use an ‘-ing’ verb.

    I enjoyed dinner.

    He enjoys science-fiction novels.

    She enjoys being with him.

    You enjoy playing with your dog, don’t you?

  • be into
  • If you are into something it means that you are very interested in it or like it a lot. Again, use it with nouns or ‘-ing’. You can also use into with people to say that you love them romantically, though it’s very informal.

    I’m into studying English.

    He’s into jazz.


  • not keen on
  • If you are not keen on something, you dislike it. You can use ‘keen on’ to express a liking but ‘not keen on’ is far more common. Again use it with gerunds (‘-ing’) or nouns.

    My wife isn’t keen on my cooking.

    I’m not keen on cleaning the house at all.

  • detest
  • To detest something is to hate it.