Audio Diaries Give You Speaking Practice


The other day I was teaching an upper-intermediate student who had difficulties presenting her ideas about a process. She said she finds writing much easier than speaking.
“You should start an audio diary,” I suggested.

“What do you mean?” she asked.


Most people reading this will have a voice recorder function on their phone or their computer. If not, you might have an old cassette recorder somewhere. Record yourself talking about your day, your thoughts or anything else you want to talk about.


Do it every day for a minute, or every other day for two minutes. Just do it more than once.

Replay, Review

Once a week try to play all of your recordings and spot your mistakes. Are you fast enough? Are you maybe even too fast? Think about your vocabulary: was there a better word?

I hope this helps you out, especially if you don’t have anyone to speak to.

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