Be Prepared For Meetings

Business English

Today’s post is a response to an email from a reader, Viettan, who is worried about their English when presenting in public. They are in charge.


First, have a meeting agenda, which is a list of things to talk about. Try to keep to this.

Look at the agenda, try to brainstorm a list of words and phrases you need and words and phrases you can easily remember. You need to do this for everything on the agenda.

Changing Topics

When you move between different agenda items you need to use special words and phrases to change the topic of conversation.


I think that we’ve discussed everything about sales. Let’s move on to research.

Would now be a good time for a break? See you in ten minutes and we’ll talk about quality control.

We really need to discuss project management feedback before we go home.

Sharing ideas

You need to remember that meetings are for group communication. You will need to get ideas and opinions from people.


What does everyone think?

Ms. Ng, could you tell us your thoughts about that?

Jean, you look like you disagree. Would you like to say a few words?

I think Mr. Hassan has more information about this. Mr. Hassan, please.

Other skills

You may need to give a presentation as part of a meeting, or even interpret and translate for colleagues. Are you going to chair the meeting (be the leader)? Do check those posts for help, too.