The Answer to Your Problem


Some things are so difficult that you need a solution for them. Here are some different words and phrases that can be used to talk about the answer to your problem.

  • answer
  • “One answer to the energy crisis is simply using less energy.”

  • cure
  • “Most of the medical research budget is spent on looking for a cure for cancer.”

  • cure-all
  • “This medicine will help with your depression but it isn’t a cure-all for lifestyle choices. You need to take more exercise and eat a balanced diet.”

  • panacea similar to cure-all
  • “Space exploration is not a panacea for overcrowded cities; we shall not colonize space for at least fifty years.”

  • silver bulletThe only way to kill a werewolf. Usually used to talk about a very effective solution.
  • “Facebook is a silver bullet for boredom.”

  • solution
  • “The solution to the housing shortage is to convert unused office space into homes.”

  • way around
  • “One way to avoid driving in the city is to cycle.”