1. Minsun Kim

    The word order of Korean, as far as I Know it’s similar to Japanese’s, is different from that of English. so sometimes I’m confused how to speak and write English 🙁 I’ll solve the problems in a calm and orderly way by using useful tips you teach me 🙂 thank you sir TGIF!!

    • Marc

      I believe you are right. English word order is *usually* subject-verb-object (“I study English”) and Japanese and Korean have subject-object-verb word order (“I English study”). It’s difficult but not impossible!

    • Marc

      Sure, Siarhei.

      1. The weather caused problems for residents. They had to leave their homes because the rain led to flooding.

      -> The rain, which led to flooding, caused problems for the residents who had to leave their homes.

      2. Munich Airport is a travel hub for Europe. Over 3 million air passengers depart from, arrive at or transit through it every year.

      -> Munich Airport is a travel hub for Europe that is departed from, arrived at or transited through by over 3 million air passengers every year.

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