Almost Everybody Loves This Site

Nowadays almost people study English.

‘Almost’ is a tough adverb to use. It describes similarity or quantities. However, it is often confused with ‘almost all’ and ‘almost everyone’.

Almost Right

One of the main ways that almost is used is with adjectives. For example, ‘my english is almost correct’ is almost correct; it is missing two capital letters and a full stop.

Almost There

Almost is often used with nouns and pronouns. Here are some examples.

“Where are you?”
“I’m almost there. Wait five minutes.”

“I’m fifteen. I’m almost a man. Give me a beer!”

Almost 100%

You can express being close to a limit or a maximum and make general statements by using another adverb like ‘all’, ‘every’ and special pronouns like ‘everybody’.

Never use almost with an ordinary plural noun to express a general statement.

“Almost people enjoy cooking.”

This is incorrect. Does ‘almost people’ mean foetuses? Apes? Aliens? Zombies?

“Almost everybody likes to study English.”

“Almost all of my friends like music.”

“Almost every time I update this blog, I end up checking Facebook.”