Irresistible English


There are times when your brain tells you that you have to do something that you don’t want to do, and times that your brain says to stop doing something but you feel like that’s impossible. Well, here is some vocabulary to help explain those situations.

resist (verb): to be able to not do something. Very often used as a negative.

I can’t resist another slice of cake.

irresistible (adjective): unable to be resisted.

That cake is irresistible. I have to have another slice.

give in (phrasal verb): to stop resisting.

I’m on a diet but I give in! I’m going to have a tiny slice of cake.

desire (verb): to want or need something strongly.

Despite desiring the cake, Marc walked away.

desire (noun): the strong want or need for something.

My desire for that cake is too strong. I’ll go back and get some.

willpower (noun): the mental strength to resist something one desires or to do something one should do but does not desire to do.

I have so little willpower. I’ll have one more slice of cake.

cannot help ~ing: to be unable to resist.

I can’t help eating this cake. It’s so delicious.

moreish (adjective; slang): makes one want to eat more of the same thing.

I can’t help eating this cake. It’s so moreish.

focus (verb): to think hard about only selected things.

I’m going to focus on my diet. No cake today. I’ll feel better if I have some carrot sticks.

concentrate (verb): to give attention to something or think hard about it.

I can’t concentrate on my homework. All I want is a piece of cake.