Irresistible English


There are times when your brain tells you that you have to do something that you don’t want to do, and times that your brain says to stop doing something but you feel like that’s impossible. Well, here is some vocabulary to help explain those situations.

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Nouns Used as Verbs

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Sometimes nouns (words for things) are used as verbs (words for actions). They are rather easy to understand although some of them really get on my nerves due to the fact that there are existing verbs that can be used for the same job. I also prefer the sound of the longer expression of the real verb and the noun. However, it is easy to see these examples in books, magazines and newspapers and on television.


noun: a plaything

That car? It’s my new toy!

verb: play with something or someone; manipulate someone

I think you’re toying with that girl. Show her you’re serious or leave her alone.


noun: a piece of metal as a reward for military action or sporting ability

My grandad sold all his World War II medals. What a shame!

verb: to gain first, second or third place in a sporting competition

What a shock result! The Americans have failed to medal, with Kenya gaining gold, Ethiopia silver and Jamaica bronze.

There are also some example of this in communications


noun: a tray for new communications; a directory for new messages in an email program

I have 231 unread messages in my work inbox.

verb: to send an email

If you don’t know how to access the site, inbox me.


noun: a facsimile; a copy of a document sent by digital telephony

I received your fax and I have a few questions.

verb: to send a copy of a document by digital telephony

Can you fax me the latest price list because I can’t open your email attachment.