That’s Why!


Can you sum up, that is repeat something in a short way? This is what you should learn if you want to make yourself clear when explaining things.

This is why we summarize.

When you finish giving your main points sum up by:

  • ‘This’ or ‘that’ plus ‘is’ plus;
  • ‘why’, ‘what’ or ‘how’ (or another interrogative word, or W/H question words);
  • whatever you are summarising.


It’s interesting, I get to speak to people all over the world and I can understand other people’s cultures. That’s why I like learning languages.

You always leave the door unlocked. You never tidy up. You never do anything. That’s what I’m complaining about.

The accounts need to be filed and then the receipts need to be checked. This is what I pay you for so do it today, please.