Podcast: Use chunks to read aloud more fluently


Today’s episode is about a way to help you read aloud more fluently. You’ll need this PDF file: podcast_chunks.pdf


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How Do I Speak Faster?


Speaking speed is one of the things most students feel nervous about at one stage or another. What is the right speaking speed? How do you get it? What do we talk about when we talk about speaking speed? I think I have all of your worries covered.

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Sing to Improve Fluency


In my old job I taught part of a weekend intensive English course. It was tough for a lot of the students, who had really high goals but they improved their English a lot over the course. Every one of the students liked English. At the end of term we had a karaoke party in English, with everyone singing at least one song in English.

Some students were more successful with their songs than others, and some were very ambitious. The difference was not talent or natural singing ability. I asked one of my students how he could sing so fast in English.

“Every week me and my friends do punk karaoke.”

You don’t have to go to karaoke, and you don’t have to sing punk songs, but it helps to sing. You could sing along with a lyric sheet to your favourite song or you could even search Youtube for videos with lyrics

I hope you have a lot more fun with your English study after reading this post! Now, where’s my microphone?

Pause in Conversations Like a Native


When you are speaking English, it can be quite difficult to keep your speech flowing when you need to think about what to say. In this week’s podcast, I’ll show you how to pause like a native to sound more fluent and more confident.

Podcast Link: 5th Feb 2014

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How to Improve Fluency

To develop fluency in your speech, there is only one way: speak.

To improve you must practise. Practise any way you can. Read aloud, repeat along to podcasts or videos (using the pause button to help you), talk to yourself. Do anything to speak English.

To check you are getting better, record yourself speaking English once a week and listen to the recording. Do you sound better than last week? Do you sound better than last month? Last year?

If you want fluency practice, you can book a lesson with me, face-to-face or on Skype, by sending an email through the contact page.