Podcast: Football


I’m talking about football today because I’m excited about the World Cup in Brazil. There are some special football words and a lot of enthusiasm.

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How to Talk About Predictions


This Summer the Football World Cup will take place in Brazil. Now, most of the provisional squads have been named so people are starting to make predictions.

To make a prediction you need to use an adverb of probability.

  • Certainly/Definitely
  • This is 100% probable. It will happen.

    Brazil are certainly going to make it to the last four.

    Iran have a tough group. They are definitely not going to play after the group stages.

  • Probably
  • This is about 70% probable. It has more chance of happening than not happening.

    Belgium are probably going to do well because they have a good balance of youth and experience.

    Japan probably won’t go further than the group stages unless they have a surprising result against Greece or Colombia.

  • Likely
  • Likely is about 60% probable.

    The USA have a hard group so they are likely to play a heavily defensive game.

    Côte d’Ivoire are likely to play very aggressively to tire the opposition.

  • Unlikely
  • This is only around 10-20% probable.

    Honduras are unlikely to get past the group stages.

    Germany are unlikely to be knocked out before the semi-finals unless they have injury problems.

  • Not a cat in hell’s chance
  • 0% probable. This is never going to happen.

    Every four years they are overconfident but England don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning the World Cup.

    They are an excellent team but Cameroon don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of beating Brazil in their own country.

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