Understanding IELTS Free Courses

Hannah from the Futurelearn contacted me recently to let me know about courses that the British Council have free IELTS preparation courses available. It says that there is a price on the page BUT it’s free if you only want access to the course for 5 weeks. You only pay if you want to see the videos, hear the audio and join the forums all the time. You can get a certificate that you joined the course if you pay more.

I have never used these courses but I have taken other courses on Futurelearn before, and it’s free!

Future Learn & British Council Free IELTS Course



Here are some interesting links for you.

7 tips for preparing for the IELTS Test from Yago.sg

20 Tips for Learning your First Second Language from ReturnofKings.com – I believe he means ‘first additional language’ but let’s not split hairs – via @SayHowDoYouDo

How to read and understand a scientific paper for non-scientists from IFLScience.com

11 tips for learning through newspapers from Linguistadores.com

Find Time To Read


I’ve talked about having enough study time in a previous post. Sometimes it is easy to feel that you don’t have enough time to read. You have a family, a job, other studies, a social life, etc. All this stops you from having time to read.

In this article, from the business blog Fast Company, you can see that there are strategies that you can use to get time to read or study.

One thing I especially agree with is that you can stop reading a book after ten pages and quit it. Sometimes life is just too short for some books. There’s always another day, month or year to try reading it if you feel you must.

Travelling to work is an obvious way to get time to read but how about waiting in line at the post office? Between appointments at work? In the bath?

Links – Money Talk


These links are about money and how we talk about it.

22 Phrases That Only Wall Streeters Will Understand via Edulang

Banking language by English-At-Home.com

This one isn’t about English but it is about business. The English Empire: A growing number of firms worldwide are making English their official language. At The Economist, via Ross Harrison