I’d like to help you use ‘would like’.

I'd like a doughnut, please.

It should be simple to use ‘would like’ but this is taught and checked so badly that many students can’t use it accurately. In this post I’ll use the contracted form ”d like’ because this causes most of the errors I encounter.

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‘Remember’ is a confusing verb because learners get confused with infinitives and gerunds (~ing verbs behaving as nouns).

Remember + noun phrase

The easiest way of using ‘remember’ is with nouns or noun phrases.

I remember you.

I remember the time we went to the zoo.

Remember + infinitive

When an infinitive follows remember it refers to an uncompleted action (or an action not yet begun).

I must remember to post that letter tomorrow.

Did you remember to buy milk?

Remember + gerund

This refers to a completed action in one’s memory.

I can’t remember locking the door. I hope I did it.

I remember visiting Spain every time I drink sangria.

You can also use the present perfect after ‘remember’ by using ‘having’ followed by the participle form of the main verb.

I remember having sent the letter because I sent my mother’s birthday card at the same time.

Do you remember having read the play at school we went to the theater to watch Blood Brothers?

Describe Places

This is a suburban town on the outskirts of Tokyo. It is a residential area; there are a lot of houses and apartments. There aren’t many businesses here, but there are some.

This is the urban centre of Tokyo. There are a lot of skyscrapers and other large buildings, and the buildings are densely packed together. There isn’t a lot of space. There aren’t many trees.

This is in the mountains. In the wilderness there are almost no buildings, just mountain huts. There are trees, grass and rocks. There aren’t many people, just animals such as deer and rabbits.

This is by the sea, because my home town, in England, is on the coast. There are birds called kittiwakes which have their nesting grounds here.

I hope this helps you describe places using geographical vocabulary and ‘there’ with ‘be’ and countable and uncountable nouns.

Please leave a photo of a place you like and a comment to describe the place.