The Digest: 5th July 2014

the digest

This Monday there was a post about understanding difficult accents.

I followed this up on Tuesday with an article about learning English and shortcuts.

The podcast this week was about travel and summer holidays.

On Thursday I wrote a post about using fillers.

I capped it all off with a post about avoiding mistakes on Friday.

Have a great weekend. Happy studying!

The Digest: 28th June 2014

the digest

On Monday there was a little bit of travel English with a guide to booking hotel rooms.

On Tuesday there was vocabulary, with a post about describing solutions to problems.

This week’s podcast was about crime.

There was a post about being aware of common homophones on Thursday.

Yesterday we topped off the week with an easy way to vary grammar structures in writing.

The Digest: 21st June 2014

the digest

OK, let’s kick things off with a post about space.

To follow up, I posted about colloquial pronouns you never get taught.

On Wednesday, the podcast was about feelings using adjectives and prepositions.

After that there was a post about regrets.

On Friday I put up a video about sequencing step-by-step processes with the example of making coffee. I also wrote a post about feeling comfortable with unclear meaning.

The Digest: 7th June 2014

the digest

Here are this week’s posts.

On Monday I talked about making English-speaking friends and how it isn’t so tough if you remember a few things.

On Tuesday I looked at an easy mistake to make, ‘fish’ or ‘fishes’?

I looked at trying to cut down on dictionary use on Thursday.

For your listening pleasure, I put up a podcast about annoyances. There’s also a video about use of ‘so that’.

The Digest: 31st May 2014

the digest

Quite a busy week, this week.

On Monday I talked about weather and how to describe it like the British.

On Tuesday I gave some examples of how to use ‘whatever’ and ‘however’ and such.

I made a podcast about football on Wednesday.

I told you how to make yourself study English on Thursday.

And yesterday I made a video lesson so you can talk about experiences.

The Digest: 24 May 2014

the digest

Every Saturday there shall be a post with links to the main posts of the week. This week I’ve covered a lot.

On Monday I posted about describing games so that you can play with other people.

Tuesday was a follow-up post about phrasal verbs with ‘drop’. There are some idioms in there and some straightforward verbs, too.

The podcast on Wednesday was about sleep, of which I need more.

I gave some examples of nouns used as verbs on Thursday.

On Friday I put up a video about books and how to select an English book that is right for you.