Make New Friends at University

Campus Week

This week it’s Campus Week at Get Great English. I know the term hasn’t started yet but think of it as a little time to prepare before packing bags, unpacking, moving into halls of residence or a flat.

Today’s post is about making friends. I’ve posted about this before but here are some more tips to help you get the friends you want. It’s useful for university students but also for everyone else, too.

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Report Lost Property to the Police


Yesterday I lost my mobile phone. I accidentally left it on the train and somebody took it. When I sent a message to it they threw my phone away. I reported it to the police and it reminded me that sometimes you might need to report lost property to the police.

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Use Simple Language to Describe Unknown Words


Sometimes when you are talking to someone you want to use a word that you have learnt and forgotten or there’s a perfect word in your first language that nobody else would understand. To deal with that you need to use simple language to describe unknown words. This is called circumlocution and it is the topic of today’s post.

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Podcast: Use chunks to read aloud more fluently


Today’s episode is about a way to help you read aloud more fluently. You’ll need this PDF file: podcast_chunks.pdf


The podcast is also available in the iTunes Store by searching for Get Great English or clicking here.

Also, you can stream it on Stitcher here or in the sidebar.

How Do I Speak Faster?


Speaking speed is one of the things most students feel nervous about at one stage or another. What is the right speaking speed? How do you get it? What do we talk about when we talk about speaking speed? I think I have all of your worries covered.

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