Podcast: Use chunks to read aloud more fluently


Today’s episode is about a way to help you read aloud more fluently. You’ll need this PDF file: podcast_chunks.pdf


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The Digest: 9 August 2014

the digest

Here are some posts you might have missed on Get Great English this week.

On Monday I put up an infographic about 3D shapes vocabulary.

On Tuesday I wrote a post about apostrophe use.

The podcast was about Summer.

On Thursday I showed you how to use ‘would like’.

On Friday I wrote about how to use ‘almost’ correctly.

I’d like to help you use ‘would like’.

I'd like a doughnut, please.

It should be simple to use ‘would like’ but this is taught and checked so badly that many students can’t use it accurately. In this post I’ll use the contracted form ”d like’ because this causes most of the errors I encounter.

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